In this video where I collaborate with Beverley Anderson from Reinventing you, we talk about the importance of giving time to yourself, manage everything you have to do and even have time left over to have fun, be with friends, and enjoy a happy balanced life for yourself and your family.

Finding your Extra Time

Finding YOUR Time

If you find that you are so busy running your work, family and home-life that you have forgotten about your own, you are not alone. As our lifestyles become progressively busier, we spend more of our time on the go, and less on the things we need to refresh ourselves. Every day I meet busy women facing overwhelm because they are overloaded with responsibilities.

But you can take back control, from chaos and pressure to breakthrough and change, and you don’t have to do it on your own.


My Family

 “I have personal experience of dealing with a hectic life. I work with many women, helping them to regain control of their time, and identify and enjoy what is most important in their lives. What drives me is the knowledge that my approach can make a huge difference, as it did for me. I want to share it with as many people as possible, and help them rediscover their happiness, reducing stress and struggle. Make precious time work for you”. – Claudia

Claudia Romero is an Edinburgh based graduate, entrepreneur, and busy mum of three, who has developed an approach that gives her time to manage everything. She works with similar busy women who are expert jugglers, masters of living under constant time pressure, and pros at treading the mill on a daily basis… but who also want to change that overwhelm feeling to one of uplifting energy, get their bounce back, and have time for happiness.

Women so often put their own needs last, and feel guilty if they take time for themselves. Through the experience of trial and error in her own busy household, Claudia knows that she always has to make time for herself because without it she can’t keep everyone else afloat. Claudia’s honest, calm approach has inspired many women to follow her tried, tested and realistic techniques to feel more organised, more in control, and more satisfied in their daily lives.

Read on for inspiration, download some free, easy to read resources, and pick up the phone or email me to chat through ways to remember yourself and your own needs.

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