Is this how you feel?

if you find that you are so busy running your work, family and home-life that you have forgotten about your own, you are not alone. As our lifestyles become progressively busier, we spend more of our time on the go, and less on the things we need to refresh ourselves. Every day I meet busy women facing overwhelm because they are overloaded with responsibilities.

But you can take back control, from chaos and pressure to breakthrough and change and you don’t have to do it on your own.

Get Motivated, Confident and Focus again to get unstuck in any area of your life.

Motivational quote

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.
We all have twenty-four hour days.


Are you ready to be Fabulous?

Transform your life with a simple and straight path to success:

  • Believe in yourself and have peace of mind in your life
  • Get the balanced life you really want
  • Dream, achieve and succeed in whatever you set your mind to
  • Be motivated, focus and feel proud and empowered

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From Frazzled to Fabulous

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From Frazzled to Fabulous

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Meet Claudia

Wife, Mum of 3 boys (2 with special needs) a cat and running 2 businesses for a while she knows what is the meaning of juggle things around but also knows that life shouldn’t be only stress and overwhelm.

She is confident she can help you with any and all of your troubles, helping you to be in control, be more organised and stop procrastinating that leads you to feel frustrated and guilty of not achieving what you need to achieve. You are here to shine and to live and enjoy a fulfilling life.

She will be by your side so you feel less Frazzled and more Fabulous through simple and proven methods, such as time management, organisation, setting smarter goals that would lead you to finally feel empowered, get a happier, healthier life and get you where you want to be.

There is nothing you cannot achieve!

In this video where I collaborate with Beverley Anderson from Reinventing you, we talk about the importance of giving time to yourself, manage everything you have to do and even have time left over to have fun, be with friends, and enjoy a happy balanced life for yourself and your family.

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