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Lemons = Lemonade

STOP – You can do so much more When life gives you lemons….make lemonade, right? Wrong!!! You can do so much more with lemons. Use them for making savoury dishes, tasty desserts, things to go on toast, cleaning products, beauty products, cocktails. There are so many options…. Do you get my point? Not Yet? Well, […]

A Different Kind of Summer

There’s no doubt that we have all been adapting over the past weeks. It hasn’t been easy, but it seems we are all – or at least most of us – doing our best to keep this pandemic at bay. And that means a very different kind of summer for a lot of people. As […]

Head Over Heels Podcast

Here is a Heads Over Heels podcast episode were I was invited to talk about how it is possible to get an hour a day to do what it is most important for you! It was my great privilege to talk to Angela Sedran, an Australian based business woman because I would like that women […]

Making summer simple

I’m really looking forward to summer, I love the holidays – almost as much as I did when I was a child. The holidays flew by and I don’t really recall ever feeling anything other than blissfully happy for most of the time. The only thing I remember not enjoying was the day before our […]

Say “cheese”…

If you’re anything like me, the thought of having your photo taken fills you with dread. I’m far happier behind the camera than in front of it (as my Instagram account proves!). I’m never quite sure how to arrange my face so that I look comfortable, I usually manage to blink at just the wrong […]

Time for a girls’ night out?

Make time for someone special this Valentine’s Day – yourself! Whether it’s making time get glammed up ahead of a romantic date, or – more likely for those of us with families – making sure you get some “me time” to get your through a hectic half-term holiday (at least here where I live), taking […]

It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year! – or is it NOT?

The TV and radio are full of jolly tunes and beautiful ads where everything is perfect and everyone is smiling. Families together enjoying their meal, happy faces opening their presents…but is it always like that? Or is it more like the Christmas movie ‘Jingle All the Way’, where Arnold Schwarzenegger forgets to buy the present […]

Feeling better yet?

I hope that the last few posts have helped you feel a bit more in control – and a lot less stressed. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by things, whether it’s actual stuff or stuff that needs to be done, and I’ve found that some of the things I’ve mentioned over the last couple of […]

Don’t let your online life take over your real life…*

Yes, it’s nice to get loads of likes for your latest Instagram picture and it can be fun to be the first person to comment on a friend’s post, but the world won’t end if you don’t Tweet morning, noon and night. Very rarely does even the most urgent email require your immediate attention (and […]

Give yourself some space

To have balance in your life you have to create space for you. It may sound silly, but a great way to do this is to make an appointment to yourself. Treat it in the same way that you’d treat any other important appointment in your diary – i.e you honour that appointment and try […]

It’s good to have goals

Hopefully the tips in the last blog helped focus your mind on a few things (even if it only resulted in cancelling coffee with Toxic Tara, ditching something or someone that brings you down is a great start). Now’s the time to take things up a notch and start thinking longer term. Think about the […]

Overwhelmed? It’s time to simplify your life…

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do know that you could do more with your time, but don’t know how to do it? Maybe it’s time to embrace the simple life – and, no, I don’t mean giving it all up to live in a cabin in the woods (although I have to admit it’s a tempting […]