Find order in the things you do by bringing order to the space you’re in

– Don’t stay stuck in that perpetual state of disorder which means you are wasting precious time.

– Your time disappears in the cycle of constant tidying.

– Neither you nor anyone else in your household ever seems to know where to find the things they need.

– Living and working in a cluttered space leaves you feeling sluggish, you know you are underperforming.

– You feel overwhelmed with stuff and don’t know where to start.

– You can’t function properly because your working and living space feels out of control.

Investing time to create order in your home will begin to pay off instantly.

Together we will bring order to your home, putting in place systems that work for you so you can live with less stress and more simplicity.

In just a short period of time per day we can start transforming your space.

My tried and tested techniques will make decluttering your home a stress free and even enjoyable task. As we work together to create order we will also put in place simple, efficient techniques to help you maintain it.

Reclaim your time and space by making it work for you.


£40 per hour.


• 30 min consultation on site to estimate length of the job
• Hands on at site working on the room(s) chosen for a max of 4 hours a day. Starting and finishing time to be agreed between the parts.
• Email support to see progress and what needs attention.
• Guide with step by step to follow in the future, tailored to your own needs


£40 package plan.


• 30 min initial consultation call via skype, zoom or phone.
• Written Plan with step by step to follow focusing in one area chosen (wardrobes, paperwork, etc) and guide with tips to follow and implement at your own pace.
• Email support to see progress and what needs attention.
• 30 min final call to see progress.

What My Clients Say

“It was really lovely to chat to you last week – you’ve given me lots of ideas and inspiration and the guide you sent me has been really helpful. I have sourced some filing boxes, to give additional storage space to our filing drawers and have also found some strong filing boxes to archive older paperwork we still need to keep – something I had not thought at all about doing so thank you very much for that idea.”

– Kirstin Evans

“Bit more progress today most of the junk stuff is now together in one big basket at the window so I can go through it whilst watching TV. More clothes have been sort through, have sorted out my shoes and books that were under the bed and all clothes are now hanging up in the wardrobe with a lot of bags ready to go in the charity bin, then I’ll focus in jewellery and bags. Definite progress has been made, Thank you for your support.”

– Emma Henderson

“We are also committed to spending the extra time at home on decluttering. We have managed to get rid of quite a lot of stuff from the kids room and the living room is a lot better. We also bought a wee 4 x 2 Kallax for the hall just before lock down. So we’ve built that and are using that to declutter the entrance hall a bit (still a work in progress!) and get more organised for when we are back to school and all the sports etc. Oh and tidied my tea corner in the kitchen. Some progress tho! Thanks again.”

– Maggie Mc Geever


ATTENTION: Due current situation with COVID, I am not doing on site services for health reasons of one of my sons - but I am more than happy to assist you and support you through zoom calls.

Do you take things that I want to get rid off or donate with you?

I am committed to build an eco-friendly and socially sustainable business. It will be advice to where possible items will be reused, recycled or donated to charity to reduce landfill and help the local community. But be reassured that I won’t force you to throw things away, the decision is yours. I don’t have a licence to dispose any recycling and cannot remove this from your premises, but I can help to dispose the items that would go to landfield only as a good will and don’t take any responsibility if the Client regrets the decision, so is advisable to be disposed by the Client.

How long it can take?

This is a very recurrent question and a really good one! I am pretty dynamic and can sort out a fairly chaotic room in four hours, but it will depend on you and the pace you like to have. But I can guarantee that with my help it will be far quicker than doing it alone!

I really don't have so much free time so can I split my sessions in different days?

That is totally possible and usually for big projects I don’t recommend to go over 4 hours in a day. It can be very overwhelming so it is better to have some breaks to then refocus. With the online advice you can even start to do some decluttering every 15 minutes at a time.

Do I need to do something beforehand?

After the first consultation to define the areas we will work on but you don’t have to buy anything or clean anything before if you don’t want to.