If you are so busy that everything around you feels chaotic, step one is to organise your physical space. You may have accumulated far too many things: perhaps now is the time to simplify. Investing time now in creating physical order in your home will pay off later– I will  work with you to take your clutter down and organise your everyday living space.

…Space to live, time to think.


Decluttering is about creating order, so that you can operate more effectively in your most important space. I provide practical help, creating better organised homes and lives with less stress and more simplicity.


Kitchen, office space, paperwork, cupboards, wardrobes.

Garage, desk drawers, toy and games storage, bookshelves.


Clutter can stop us performing to the best of our ability and makes us sluggish. Feeling that we live in a perpetual state of disorder means we don’t function well, eating into that precious time we’re working so hard to make the most of.


Two heads are better than one, and an external view makes decluttering an easy and even enjoyable task. While we work together, we will make plans for simple, efficient techniques to help you maintain order and operate effectively in your living space.

£55 / hour (Discount applied for 4 hour booking)