From Frazzled to Fierce – Find your extra time

Find your own Time, a personalised, one to one coaching programme. When others rely on you, you cannot afford to give up on your own needs.

I’m here to help you organise your personal life, home and work responsibilities. Don’t just make time to do what everyone else needs, but find your time, to do what fulfils you.

If you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and a little lost in the midst of life; if you want to take control of your to-do list; if you’re feeling panicked about what to do next or don’t even know where to start; if you are losing sleep thinking about how you will manage tomorrow…

I can help you sort through your life, your lists and your stuff:

From Frazzled to Fierce

One month with me in your life



  • Free 30 minutes Consultation
  • 2 x 1-hour sessions.
  • Email support.
  • Weekly motivational message.
  • Planners and Information sheets.
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