Kitchen sync

Monday again – back to work, back to school, back to wondering where the weekend went…

The morning rush is never the highlight of anyone’s day. Especially when it takes place to a soundtrack of never-ending cries of “Muuuuummmm” and tearful announcements that it’s Earthworm Appreciation Day* so a scientifically accurate costume and deluxe worm-farm are required by 9am…

Most mornings most of us are just happy to get out of the house without too many tears and tantrums.

Whilst I don’t have a solution for the last minute earthworm costume problem (whoever cracks that problem will have statues built in their honour), I do have some tips for serving up a little less stress at breakfast time.

It may take a bit of preparation and planning to achieve this one, but I’ve found that it was really worth it for less stressful (and scream filled) mornings.

Think about how you start your day – do you end up racing to and fro from fridge to kettle to cupboard to sink just to make your first cup of coffee?

If so, think about how you could make making your morning coffee simpler.

Would having the coffee, cups, sugar and teaspoons all in the cupboards and drawers closest to the kettle save a few steps?

If so, maybe having the cereal, bowls and spoons in the same area would also help…

What about if the bread, jam and peanut butter were all nice and handy for the plates and toaster?

Suddenly you’re not running around quite as much – everything you need is within reach and things feel a lot less rushed.

It’s one of the simplest sort-outs I know, and one that makes a huge difference to our morning routine. Give it a try and see for yourself…


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