After years of running two home-based businesses as well as being a wife & mother of three, I’ve started to share my experience & expertise in organising time, tasks, kids, work & home with busy people like me. Find out how working with me has helped them gain a healthy, balanced lifestyle!


I found Claudia’s resources to be simple yet effective. However, it was talking to Claudia via Skype that really lit my fire for rethinking how I shop and organise my food.

Since we spoke, I ordered a new cupboard that allows me to buy in bulk and store items we regularly use. I followed her suggestion to organise my shopping by what we regularly eat – not the other way around.

Recently, I have also dedicated time to meal planning and use Pinterest to organise recipes. To keep things streamlined, I try to find recipes that use ingredients that I already have on hand and that I can prep ahead of time to reduce weekday stress.

I am feeling so much more organised and more in control of eating, which is helping my weight loss goals.

– Ruth Terry

After following Claudia’s recommendations and guidelines I have noticed that time has multiplied as if by magic. I realised that I didn’t plan my days at all and that my time was dedicated to please others and that I left my own work aside. I was always behind with everything and very stressed. Now I delegate what I can and leave it to others to solve their problems, I do my job more efficiently and I have time to enjoy my family. Now I am in the way to be on top and in control of my time.

– Jullye Haynes

Thanks to Claudia now my children and husband are helping me at home without me having to bribe or paying them!!

I used to do everything for them and now slowly they have realised that to do more fun activities together, we all have to put some effort on home chores. They now understand that the house is not only my job or responsibility because we all live here!

Putting in place the tips that Claudia gave me wasn’t easy at the beginning, but now my children have skills for later life and also we have been doing fun activities outside as a family.

– Alexandra from London.